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2019 District-by-District Analysis

As part of our commitment to providing useful research about issues and trends related to housing, HousingWorks Austin published our fifth version of the Austin City Council District-by-District and Community at a Glance Housing Analysis in October of 2019. This research provides information about income, rent and home prices, subsidized homes, and other factors related to affordability in all ten city council districts and citywide. The analysis shows that although the City of Austin is making progress in supporting the values highlighted in the Austin Strategic Housing Blueprint, additional efforts are required to address the affordability challenges faced by Austin residents.

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We encourage you to view and download the Austin at a Glance document and the documents for each district to learn about the housing choices and challenges our neighbors encounter in the various parts of our city. While each document is designed to be straightforward and easy to comprehend, we recommend you begin by reading our executive summary which will alert you to some of the major conclusions the research reveals.

We have provided this research to Austin’s mayor, city council and city manager, as well as other key individuals who are working to solve the housing crisis in our city. We hope it will assist in creating All Kinds of Homes In All Parts of Town For All Kinds of People.







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