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Employer Assisted Housing

In 2018, the JPMorgan Chase Foundation funded HousingWorks to conduct research on identifying national programs focused on Employer Assisted Housing (EAH). HousingWorks formed a working group with members of the Austin Chamber of Commerce and Austin Urban Land Institute to identify EAH best practices, case studies, and strategies that would work in the local context. In addition the group identified companies/ organizations/ educational institutions interested in learning more about EAH.

In 2020, the Foundation continued the funding for Phase II allowing HousingWorks to communicate with entities to form pilot projects and partnerships.


The following Employer Assisted Housing guide and case studies explain how EAH programs benefit both employees and their employers. The guide and case studies provide context for some of the following questions:

  • What is Employer Assisted Housing?
  • Why should my organization offer EAH benefits?
  • What are the different kinds of EAH benefits that are typically offered to employees
  • How can my company start an EAH program?
  • What are other resources my company can access to develop a successful EAH program?

In addition, the guide and case studies detail:

  • A variety of benefit types most commonly offered as part of an EAH program
  • A number of questions and tasks as well as a series of brief case studies of successful EAH programs across the country that an employer should consider in the development of their own EAH program specific to their employees’ needs
  • A list and accompanying description of helpful resources and potential partners may aid employers in the Austin area in accessing vital resources during the development of their potential EAH program

Though much of this guide focuses on employers in the Austin area, most of the concepts described apply to organizations across the country interested in setting up an Employer Assisted Housing program.









If your organization is interested in a more detailed EAH Toolkit please reach out to us at info@housingworksaustin.org.