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Austin Strategic Housing Blueprint Scorecards

It is with great pride that we present the first iteration of HousingWorks Austin’s Blueprint Scorecard. You can view them by clicking on the images on this page. The scorecards for 2018 and 2019 analyze and track the city’s progress toward reaching 135,000 housing units over the next 10 years as detailed in the Austin Strategic Housing Blueprint, adopted by City Council in 2017. The Blueprint includes goals for affordable housing in every City Council district to ensure that there is affordable housing throughout the city. The Blueprint includes goals for the construction of 60,000 housing units affordable to households at or below 80% median family income (MFI), and another 75,000 units for households earning greater than 80% MFI with specific goals for households at different income levels.

The Blueprint Scorecards show that although the City of Austin is making progress in supporting the values highlighted in the Austin Strategic Housing Blueprint, additional efforts are required to address affordability challenges and to ensure housing for all. Learn more about Austin’s Strategic Housing Blueprint on the City of Austin’s website. HousingWorks Austin is a nonprofit organization that aims to increase the supply of affordable housing in Austin by providing research, education, advocacy, and thoughtful, workable affordable housing policy recommendations. For clarification on terms used in this report, refer to our Affordable Housing Mini Glossary.

Nora Linares-Moeller
Executive Director, HousingWorks Austin