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Affordable Housing – What We Do to Promote It


HousingWorks Austin is a nonprofit organization that aims to increase the supply of affordable housing in Austin by providing research, education, advocacy and thoughtful, workable affordable housing policy recommendations. By working with stakeholders throughout Central Texas, HousingWorks Austin encourages dialogue and raises awareness of the cooperative effort required to make housing affordable for anyone anywhere in the city.

We track issues under consideration by Austin area leaders that could have an effect on housing affordability and, after thoughtful consideration of all opinions, we make recommendations. Click the image to view some of our policy positions.

HousingWorks routinely analyzes issues related to affordability in Austin such as income, employment opportunities, and access to public transportation and health care. We share this data with leaders and the community so trends can be identified and necessary changes can be made. View all of our District Analyses and our research on Who Needs Housing That’s Affordable?


HousingWorks Austin is committed to informing our community about issues related to affordable housing. We do this through events such as our annual summits and bus tours. From 2014 to 2017, we produced dozens of stories under the  Keep Austin Affordable banner about how affordable housing was transforming the lives of people in Austin. You can still view those stories by clicking on the image to the right.