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Get Involved

It is important that our city leaders here from all of us on the topic of affordability – how we plan for it, prioritize it, fund it, and sustain it. To keep on top of the issues and make sure your voice is heard, please sign up for our periodic news updates. What else can you do to support housing affordability in Austin?

Educate and Advocate

There’s a lot of interest in affordability these days.  It’s a complicated topic.  We would love to come talk to your network – whether it’s a church group or school group or a civic group – about current affordability challenges and solutions.  And we would love to hear your ideas!  If you are interested in requesting a speaker, please indicate your choice on the following form.

Join a Tour of Affordable Housing in Austin

Each year, HousingWorks Austin organizes bus tours of affordable housing. It’s eye opening for all involved.

Based on your group’s interests and needs, we arrange the tour route, the expert speakers, and the educational materials. Topics include: public-private partnerships, housing for special needs populations, permanent supportive housing, housing and transit, housing and education, and the list goes on and on.

Each tour is unique and targeted to your group’s interest and expertise. It’s a great opportunity for community groups to see affordable housing on the ground, learn more about who lives in affordable housing, and figure out how to increase affordability across our community. Interested in arranging a tour? Let us know.