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When 28-year-old Mike Mancuso came to Austin in 2011, he thought he had found the perfect place to launch his music career. He does enjoy performing originals and cover tunes with his band Steady Legend. However, ever-increasing housing costs and very low-paying gigs have caused him to consider relocating his dream away from the “Live Music Capital of the World.” It’s a story that’s becoming quite common in Austin. As part of our Keep Austin Affordable educational initiative, we visited with Mancuso after SXSW and found him making his fourth move in just five years.

As a member of Austin Music People, Mike says he’s encouraged by the recent announcement by Mayor Steve Adler that the City is committed to looking for ways to lift some of the financial burdens off the backs of Austin’s musicians and other artists. In the meantime, Mancuso says fans of live music and the arts should make a commitment to compensate the creative community for what it does to make Austin the vibrant city it is. Click below to watch his story.


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