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Mandy De Mayo became the first Executive Director of HousingWorks Austin in 2014, but by that time she had already worked with the nonprofit in a leadership capacity for about five years. Mandy has helped HousingWorks define its role in Austin’s affordable housing community and established it as a trusted source of information about this critical issue. In this video feature, members of the HousingWorks Board of Directors share their thoughts on what Mandy’s leadership has meant to the organization.

Read Mandy’s Final Director’s Message

Be sure to check out what some other board members wrote about Mandy below the video.


Karen Paup,
Co-Director, Texas Low Income Housing Information Service
Mandy is a TRUE houser. From her days developing housing for people with the lowest incomes and people with a disability living on fixed incomes, she carries a deep value and commitment to achieving affordable housing for those whose limited incomes make them the hardest to serve.

Mandy has several qualities. She is militantly optimistic. She is determined. She is a straight shooter. She is conscientious. She gets along with people from all walks of life. She harnesses all these qualities to advance the cause of increasing and improving affordable housing throughout our city.

Kathy Tyler,
Housing Services Director, Motivation, Education & Training, Inc.
What a great time – has it been 8 years? – and a wild ride with Mandy and HousingWorks! Mandy is such an impressive leader. It is hard to recount all the many good things she has brought to HousingWorks. She’s great at articulating basic and complicated housing matters, and keeping all who care informed on these. She has a huge heart and imagination – and those traits will be greatly needed at her next venture with the City. It’s been a pleasure to be part of HousingWorks as it has grown and expanded under her leadership. We have benefited from her skills as a speaker, an organizer, and a leader. She can be everywhere with everyone when needed, articulating in speech or in writing about housing policy and actions! She’s made Austin a better place.


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