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HousingWorks conducts policy research on timely and localized topics related to affordable housing. Our research keeps the community informed on issues related to affordability and enables community leaders to make better-informed policy decisions.

10-1 City Council Districts: A New Look at Houdistrict4housingsing in Austin

In anticipation of our transition to geographic representation through our 10-1 City Council, HousingWorks released district-by-district analyses of housing in September 2014. The district sheets present a variety of housing facts – from homelessness to homeownership – in each of the 10 new city council districts. All of the data will be updated annually. You can download your district analysis here.

Recently Released Affordable Housing Research

Past Affordable Housing Research Projects

Transit + Affordability Forum: In conjunction with the UT Community Entrepreneurship and Development Clinic, HousingWorks Austin evaluated the importance of affordable housing in competing for federal New Starts funding.

Building and Retaining an Affordable Housing, a ground-breaking report was the result of a year-long collaboration with the Urban Land Institute Austin, the Real Estate Council of Austin, and the Austin Area Research Organization.

In 2013, HousingWorks contracted with Civic Economics to complete a comprehensive evaluation of the economic impact of the 2006 affordable housing bonds.

HousingWorks and Civic Economics presented the findings to City Council in April 2013. The research showed that the City’s initial $55 million in affordable housing bonds will result in $865 million in economic impact over the next 10 years. The results were instrumental in City Council’s decision to put $65 million in affordable housing bonds on the November 2013 ballot.

Affordable Housing Bonds at Work


Affordable Housing Research in Progress

  • Housing + Transit (New Starts Funding)
  • Property Condition / Landlord Registration
  • Affordable Housing Database
  • Eviction Prevention