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This Thursday, June 18th, City Council will consider an ordinance amending provisions of the land development code related to accessory dwelling units (ADUs).  With the goal of reducing regulatory barriers to the development of ADUs, City Council is considering a variety of changes including:

adu1) Reducing the separation between the main house and the accessory dwelling unit from 15 feet to 10 feet.

2) Allowing an ADU entrance within 10 feet of a property line.

3) Removing the driveway placement requirement.

4) Changing parking requirement to 1 off street space for all units.

5) Prohibiting the ADU use as Type 2 Short Term Rental.

HousingWorks supports all kinds of homes in all parts of town for all kinds of people.  ADUs can provide a more affordable housing option, as well as provide additional income for property owners.  In order to truly increase affordability, we encourage the city to explore additional tools such as pre-approved, off-the-shelf ADU plans and, as recommended by the Community Development Commission, resources to help low-income owners finance ADUs, or any owners that will build ADUs for low-income tenants.  These additional tools could go a long way toward achieving greater affordability at a variety of income levels across the city.

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