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We are dedicated to seeing an Austin that has all kinds of homes in all parts of town for all kinds of people. This is why one of our main focus areas is advocacy. By striving for smart, equitable housing policies, we can help Austin be built in a way that promotes more diverse housing in more areas of town. 

HousingWorks advocated for the 2018 $250 million Affordable Housing Bond and joined partner organizations in Keep Austin Affordable Prop A campaign.  The 2018 Affordable Housing Bond is critical to meeting community needs and achieving the goals of the Strategic Housing Blueprint. Additionally, HousingWorks has remained deeply involved in the conversation surrounding revising the City of Austin’s Land Development Code to leverage more affordable housing opportunities. 

Some of our specific advocacy efforts include: 

  • Increasing housing choice for Austinites and allowing accessory dwelling units and other housing types to be built throughout the city
  • Increasing the geographic dispersion of affordable housing across the city and ensuring there is adequate housing throughout, including legally-restricted affordable housing
  • Assessing and expanding tools to incentivize affordable residential development
  • Considering companion policies to the land development code that go beyond the code and help achieve additional goals of the Strategic Housing Blueprint
  • Weighing entitlements against affordability, including gaining a better understanding of community benefits and the need to address fair housing concerns
  • Improving the development process by creating an expeditious and predictable development process that can ease the pressure on housing supply and contribute to greater affordability
  • Preserving existing affordable housing and ensuring that low-income residents can remain in their neighborhoods and have access to high opportunity areas.